Each team must submit their completed business plan and video presentation produced in English to the ISEC office.

1) A4 Business Plan
  This must be a maximum of two pages and be typed in English using a font no smaller than 10pt. Word 97-2003 (*.doc) or pdf format are the accepted format.

2)Three-Minute Oral Video Presentation
  The video must be created in English in a format able to be uploaded to YouTube and you send the URL to the ISEC office.
  Teams will be required to set up a YouTube Channel in order to upload a clip. We recommend that students create and upload a short test clip prior to the challenge to ensure they are clear on the process.When uploading your video the Privacy option must be set as "Unlisted", and the viewing link must be sent to the iSEC office by the deadline. Remember to allow sufficient time to upload the video before the deadline.Ensure the uploaded video is clear, is easily understood and has good lighting and sound.
  No copyrighted music or images can be used. All material must be created or owned by the student or school, or be copyright-free. Submissions received with copyrighted material may be disqualified from the Challenge.
  Participating teams will receive contact information for submissions later from the ISEC office. For youtube details, please visit youtube site.


This is the four main categories of the judging criteria that are used to assess the teams

■Judging Categories ■Score Weight
Creativity and Innovation 25%
Finance and Production 25%
Marketing 25%
Communication 25%