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Most of the activities of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) would not be realized without our partners (business foundations, government agencies, and private individuals), who have generoulsy suppored us in various ways.

We would be delighted if you could share our mission and join us in order to achieve it together.

Types of Suppot:
There are numerous ways to support CED activities.
We always welcome you as a CED member.There are two types of membership, regular membership and associate membership. Both have many benefits (see Membership Benefits) in regard to partitipate in our activities.
CED holds a number of national and international events throughout a year and we are always in need of companies (local or global) who would be willing to provide sponsorships to help underwrite the costs.
You can assist us by donating products or services, or providing prize for presentations to support CED activities.
Donations of any size or value and help of any kind are always appreciated and recognised.
œ Volunteer
Volunteering as a mentor, speaker or judge.You could share your experience,knowledge and/or skills to provide participants with a business view of the world.
Working as an intern is a very good way to learn and acquire entrepreneurship.

How to Apply :
If you are interested in getting involved in some of CEC activities, please contact us at the following.

Center for Entrepreneurship Development
Funakoshi Medical Buldg.3F
160-2, Saihouji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 604-0866
TEL: 81-(0)75-468-8907 FAX: 81-(0)75-468-8908
E-mail: infoŸentreplanet.org iChange Ÿ to @j